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Intentionally · Left · Blank

No Easter Plans

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Woke up today and didn't have to pee, I'm not drinking enough water. I'm 127.6, which is better than 132 a few days ago, I know it's all water weight, but just seeing the numbers go down is exciting for a moment, before I rationalize it all. I just thought about being away for 2 weeks with no access to regular exercise, sporadic unplanned meals, and no scales. I'm a little worried but will hopefully over-compensate and lose. Plus, my grandmother is a tiny thing who doesn't like to eat(I can't imagine) and loves to walk a ton, I'll be with her during this whole trip and it will be impossible to binge/purge/oddly exercise.
I am spending the day with my boyfriend(feels weird to call him that - his name is Thomas) and he is cooking for me. We are going to REI and Earth Fare, so I'll definitely be able to find something vegan and healthy for him to make me. I'm going to eat some fruit and coffee this morning to try to have a BM so I can feel less bloated. I feel very positive about this new motivation to lose weight. My heart is really in it for the first time in over a year. I hope I can have more energy and motivation to get the rest of my life in order:

Finding a bartending job
Financial Aid App
Grad School App
Internship Apps
Finding a volunteer opportunity
Getting a place to live in Asheville
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